Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Empowering Learners for the Age of AI is a free online conference exploring how AI will impact learning and education systems. Countries around the world are allocating billions of dollars to prepare for Artificial Intelligence — investing in research, enterprise and human capabilities. To meet this emerging reality, students, professionals and citizens need to learn how to interact with AI by answering questions such as:

  • How can data, analytics and AI be used to empower learners and professionals, rather than disempower them through automation of work and learning practices?
  • What does it mean to “empower learners” — who needs empowering, why, and to do what?
  • How must modern knowledge systems (such as schools, universities, corporate training and development, government agencies) change to prepare people for an AI society?
  • How to track and assess the qualities that equip people for this future?
  • How can AI support learners, rather than attempt to replace core human attributes in the pursuit of efficiency?

We are offering sponsorship opportunities to organizations we believe can assist in answering the questions above. Participating in the Empowering Learners in AI conference is a unique opportunity for your organization to:

  • Instantly gain exposure to a widely diverse set of individuals from world-leading researchers and experts to individuals from a range of sectors with different levels of AI expertise
  • Interact with other participants and build innovative new partnerships

The Empowering Learners in AI conference had over 700 participants last year from a diverse group in fields such as learning sciences, computer science, learning analytics, and artificial intelligence. This year, we are projecting over 2000 attendees from around the world, including keynotes and presentations from top AI in education researchers and practitioners.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

Summary of Benefits Platinum

$10,000 AUD

$7250 USD



$8,000 AUD

$5775 USD



$5,000 AUD

$3625 USD



$3,000 AUD

$2175 USD


$1,000 AUD

Recognition as main sponsor Y
Verbal recognition during conference Y Y Y Y Y
Prominent website recognition Y Y Y Y
Panel Participant Y Y Y
Keynote Introduction Y Y
Included in press releases and newsletter distribution
pre-& post event

Why Does Empowering Learners in AI Need Sponsors?
Organizations are able to choose a level of support outlined in the table above, or propose a customization sponsorship level. Sponsors enable us to keep the registration free for all participants, provide open access proceedings and high quality online experiences for participants, expand the impact of new research findings, connect the next generation of learners with researchers and promote discussions between practitioners and researchers.

Please contact Grace Lynch on contact@empoweringlearners.ai