Foundations of AI to empower learners: Theoretical models and impact (SOLD OUT)

After decades of hype promising fundamental changes to education driven by new technologies, analytics, and AI, it’s time to take stock of the actual impact and realistic future directions. 

Empower Learners for the Age of AI (ELAI) is the premier conference globally investing the research and practice around AI adoption in schools, universities, and corporate settings. This year’s theme is on the theory, models, and practical impact of AI. The theme reflects maturation of related fields: learning analytics, learning sciences, educational data mining, and AI in education. Specifically, the keynotes and panels this year include:

  1. What are the theoretical underpinnings of AI adoption in learning settings?
  2. Which existing theories of learning provide insight into learning when AI is an active partner?
  3. Which models of adoption of AI are changing the quality of the learning experiences of individual students?
  4. What is the practical impact of AI on education?
  5. What is the infrastructure needed for AI adoption in schools and universities?
  6. What are the ethical considerations of theory and model adoption?
  7. How do schools, universities, and corporate learning departments assess and evaluate the impact of AI? What is the economic measurement of impact? How are the learning gains measured?